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Great news from FS1E club and Footman James

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Riding other bikes and helmet and leathers cover

Following discussions with our specialist insurance partner Footman James, we are pleased to announce the following improvements to classic motorcycle cover for FS1E members.

Riding other bikes

Footman James classic motorcycle policies now include automatic third party cover for riding other bikes.  Riding other members’ bikes has always been a popular pastime but automatic cover may not have been provided by some insurers.   Footman James’ customers are now able to ride another motorcycle with the owner’s permission subject to the criteria below:

  • The motorcycle must be over 20 years old (this endorsement does not transfer to riding modern vehicles.)
  • The person riding the classic motorcycle must be a member of the FS1E  or other club formally recognised by Footman James.
FS1E members purchasing or renewing their Footman James’ classic motorcycle policies on or after 28 Jan 2013 will already have this extended cover.  Members that purchased or renewed policies between 1 Dec 2012 and 27 Jan 2013 do not currently benefit from Riding Other Bikes cover.  Footman James is working with partner insurers and will contact all these members by 1 March to extend their cover to include Riding Other Bikes.   If in doubt, please check your policy documents to ensure that you are covered.Helmet and leather coverIf your bike, helmet and leathers are stolen or damaged as result of an accident, Footman James’ customers can now also benefit from an increased level of helmet and leather cover - now up to £750.   For those members who have previously fallen victim to theft or accident will know from experience that the cost of replacing their helmet and a set of leathers can far exceed the amount offered by some classic bike policies, so the recent increase in cover is good news for members.  Footman James policy features and benefits
  • All Footman James’ classic policies include European and UK breakdown cover, legal expenses cover, road rage, personal accident cover and emergency travel cover as standard.    Footman James also appreciates that trusting your pride and joy at any old body shop just isn’t on, so customers can select their preferred garage if it specialises in a particular marque
  • Footman James acknowledges that some lucky people are the proud owners of more than one classic motorcycle, so customers can take out multi-vehicle cover, which allows riders to insure several classics on one policy.  This may result in a lower premium, and means motorists can spend their time enjoying their classics, and only have to remember the one renewal date instead of several.
  • On classic policies a limited mileage option is available.  If you own a modern motorcycle too, a limited mileage option is the perfect choice for bike enthusiasts to benefit from a reduced premium if they only notch up a few miles in a year.  It usually comes in various bands, such as 1,500, 3,000 and 4,500 miles per year.  It works on the principle that the fewer miles you ride, the less your risk of an accident, therefore, the cheaper your insurance.
  • Laid-up insurance is another option offered by Footman James and may be the most cost-effective way of providing adequate cover for any motorcycle that’s not due to go anywhere under its own steam for a while, yet Footman James, reminds enthusiasts that they still need to complete a statutory off road notification (SORN), surrender their tax disc and re-apply for a new one at a later date.

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